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Isn't "the new humanities" an arrogant kind of label?

No. If anyone else wants to contribute to it, they're welcome. And,
in lieu of any other serious attempt to rebuild this much-maligned discipline,
I may as well start here...

Is  "John Henry Calvinist" your real name?

Don't be stupid.

Well, who are you then?

My name is David Mac Kinnon
[born 1962 & not dead yet]
and I live in Brisbane, Australia
and, no...I don't pass out photos
except to consenting adults
of the opposite sex.

Why don't you review film & television?

Why don't you?

Why don't you review fiction?

Because the major reviews have a strong bias towards fiction - as do amateur
 review sites. Anyway, whatever type of fiction you favour,
the net'll provide you with a plethora of information.

When it comes to non-specialist, intelligent commentary on non-fiction
for people in search of ideas, there's a definite shortage of sites. 
And...of those,
none are predicated on rebuilding the humanities.

Why don't you review "serious" music?

...get stuffed...

Why do you write so much about science?

Originally, the humanities was a broadly integrative ideal - built around
the non-specialist discipline of rhetoric. If you'd asked this question
of any of the first generation humanists, they'd've wondered
what the hell you were going on about...

And, given the state of the anti-humanist,  post-Saussurean so-called
"Humanities" today, I think that a serious dose of what they have been so
busily ignoring is definitely needed.

Why don't you write about [some incredibly interesting area I don't know anything about]?

I'm a generalist, not an encyclopedia. And I am looking for contributors...

What do you think of [insert your favorite French theorist here]?

Don't ask - as far as I'm concerned,  French "high theory"
got mostly off on the wrong foot w/Descartes,
and has been busily mining crap ever since.

Aren't you merely promoting some form of naive realism?

Next time you wake up in something other than consensual reality, let me know.
I like hearing from tourists...

Can you write my assignment for me?

Yes, but it won't come cheap. Also, I only do that kind of work for hire
in intellectually worthless areas  -  when I'm in debt & depressed
and where undermining the current educational order won't
cause things in the real world to screw up & hurt people.

And, if that's the kind of degree you're pursuing,
just maybe you should ask yourself:

"is this trip really necessary?"