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...past unredeemed...

when we first break
water, from amidst our mother's lives
tearing at push, to get amidst
the pull of life

we are not grateful

for, we have yet to
learn what such a thing may be
and, so...we continue to reserve gratitude
for things spelt out - leaving our greater debts
unserviced...not being seen as such

the life of money
blind & unthinking
  is especially immune to such charges...
dwelling, as it does, amidst the ledgerbooks
of reciprocity contained

having no time for the
economy of gift

nothing was written
nothing spoken
and yet, still, there is something
due, if only within

the past
is another country,
it is said - and, besides
the wench is dead...this is
a new thing, unencumbered by the
claims of the past

your gifts
were fair, but there
are no tithes due here

so they say

John Henry Calvinist