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dreaming malmsbury

I dreamed I
went to malmsbury
but it was farther than it seemed
greenshire hills neverending
roads dwindling, amidst the streams

and so, at last, we came there
as the dusk tipped the trees,
black hedges now upstanding,
like stones, instead of leaves

I dreamed I
went to malmsbury
but the house was not the same
inside was somehow larger
doors inturned from whence they came

a labyrinth, enfolding
the farmhouses that I knew
but emptied of their people
and all the life they grew

I dreamed I
went to malmsbury
but that world is dead & gone
and all the places that I knew there
just some hobby farm gone wrong 

the hearth is now uprooted
the house no longer home
 and I never will go back there
though its heart is in my bones

John Henry Calvinist