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Moe Tucker: i spent a week there the other night (Sky B000006K88)

Moe’s greatest (to date) well as the “secret” Velvet Underground reunion that was far, far better than the “real thing” that - now, sadly - can never, ever, happen again... What more do we need, eh - a full-scale bloody critique of corporate America from the genuine cutting edge of the Wal-Mart floor, honest approaches to time-management or, yet again, some other take at a Velvets classic?

Well...yes - we do get all of that - and a hell of a lot more. So - this one, at least, we should all of us have...and cherish.

And, as well (just by the way) - it’s also the meanest/sanest “punk rock” album I’ve ever heard.

Bar none.

Because no-one else has so prosaically confronted the real guts of modern “employed” life in the West as Moe. “Just plain lazy” is what we all are, it seems... But, Maureen Tucker - in herself - also happens to be one of the very best songwriter/bandleaders ever...and, if you doubt me, just try blue, all the way to Canada...“they say the Cheyanne were partial to Chrystlers: for the Chrystler is a well-travelling car.”

Now...that’s what I call modern lyricism!

And so, from all of this - of course - you immediately know that you’re in good hands. And Moe’s’ll never let you down. As well, she also lets us see what we’ve missed since god knows when.

And then, of course...there’s i’m not...

Which damn-well beats the “official” thing hollow.

And, as time thickens...and all the old four are present - the reverberations strike - and I can’t help hearing this as the great lost track from their first LP...the freshness, the confronting rhythm/lead enmeshment that reached back to influence’s all there. And here, thankfully, we can actually taste (again) what was lost...

...or waiting for the man - dissolved - as in a grain of sand...



John Henry Calvinist