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a listing of all
 in-print shy tone cdrs

(sort of) chronological order

(shy tone)

niell armstrong experience: now wait for last year
john henry calvinist: shackles first to fit...
grubbage: pie-eyed & mulish....
the lost domain: the empire never ended...

the lost domain: from son to sun...
the lost domain: something is...
the lost domain: and yet the sea is not full...

for further details, see

(shy tone)

shouting down the house

(black religious field recordings)

all night long
(stringband shakedowns)

altamont revisited
(archaic black stringband field recordings)

(shy tone)

The Legendary Peg Leg Howell (1963)

James "Peck" Curtis: Ex-Tapdancer Goes Free (1967)

The Fall: Black Night on Mt. Erica (1982)

and again...for further details, see here

the rhizome label

reissued two out-of-print lost domain "singles"
alain-fournier's dream/malcolm mooney for president
producing our first o/s responses.
..that is, extremely positive
or (rather) gobsmacked - reviews from
Broken Face
+ Foxy Digitalis
(the rhizome cdr is now out-of-print, but can still be purchased on shy tone)


a lengthy interview (only our fourth ever!) in
Dream Magazine 5 well as strongly appreciative public
comments by Thurston Moore & the Jeweled Antler crowd
appear to mean that we've arrived - after 15 years -
without ever going anywhere

and, now, there's
 a downloadable AMRAP documentary
about us also online


available are

a Broken Face/Digitalis release
(October 2004)

sailor, home from the sea

which received high praise from the likes of the Wire & so forth...


our very latest international cd



a Pseudo Arcana release
(May 2006)

already garnering similar praise...albeit, it is a very different album


hite man at the door

  a Digitalis release
(August 2006)

  our acoustic "pre-blues" abum, fresh out...

two limited-edition cdrs
(catch them while you can)

an unnatural act

the lost domain's earliest, from 1990

  a Foxglove release
  (July 2006)


king solomon hill

the second JHC album

  a Foxglove release
  (July 2006)


ew & old stuff forthcoming

the lost domain - wayouthere
(out on Digitalis 
in 2007)

the lost domain - blondes chew more gum
the 2CD definitive version of our mid-90s set
 (out on Digitalis  in late 2007)

the lost domain -the mystery of the lost domain
(out now on cook an egg)

the lost domain - lie still, sleep becalmed
(out now on
cook an egg)

the lost domain - Northwest Passage
(out on
cook an egg in August 2010)

(look out for 'em)

and, folks...there's more where they came from

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the lost domain itself may be contacted at