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...shy tone...

is a complete listing
of these Brisbane, Australia releases
including earlier/alternate versions, compilation contributions,
and projected future/final revisions (where planned) for their
“legitimate” cd release - as well as forthcoming
and related releases contact details...

Please note that, before 1998, the lost domain was known
as the invisible empire, so all earlier “versions” are under that name.
We did relabel the old stuff, that was the simplest:
  since hardly anybody had heard of it
or us...

and now, on w/the show


the invisible empire: an unnatural act...
(1990 no label cassette, self-release): 10 tracks.

the invisible empire: an unnatural act...
(1992 malignant cassette): reissue from the same master.

the invisible empire: an unnatural act...
(1995 shy tone cassette): remastered w/better sound & package.

the lost domain: an unnatural act ...
(2000 shy tone cdr): inc. two additional tracks from 1991.

the lost domain: an unnatural act...
(2006 foxglove cdr): deleting the real interloper amongst said additional tracks
& adding another from 1990.

the foxglove is - finallly! - the definitive version of this release

now including our recently-rediscovered version
of Samuel Beckett’s “Radio 1” from the end of 1990

and long-thought lost....

this one is where we began,
overdubbing (via dual cassette deck) violently
fuzzed-out slide mandolin (and occasional 44 gallon drum)
over similiarly-monstered archaic acoustic blues guitar,
sometimes further produce a throbbing
chopped-up style.

the impact of mental illness on the two main players
is exorcized via "feedback therapy" & such
or, at least
that was one intention

once described as "the noisiest thing ever recorded",
it also anticipates our later/gentler stylings in "regret"

still some fans' favourite

the invisible empire: jeezly fishcakes
(1992 no label cassette, self-release): 13 tracks.

a remastered version
of this was prepared, but - after much thought -
it was abandoned...due to the grab-bag nature of the original,
and the (usually) poor recording quality
of most of these (live) cuts.

two are due to resurface
in the followup to the dead set
already advanced in planning...

Anyway...a bit of a mess -
although, it does have its supporters!

all live, and wildly qualities of all sorts

- as we generally had rotten mics, and were learning as we went,
to boot.... A mistake - in retrospect - and there will be
no reissue in total.

slow loris: strip mining
(1993 no label cassette, self-release): 10 tracks

john henry calvinist: strip mining
(1995 shy tone cassette): 10 tracks, remastered

john henry calvinist: shackles first to fit
(2000 shy tone cdr): 10 tracks, remastered w/3 different tracks

the accidental solo album
I (JHC) got a cheap 4 track in late 1991
Trouble was, the band went largely into hiatus
round then, due to Simon’s I spent weeks building
up tracks that he couldn’t work on...resulting in me
inadvertantly finishing them...

decided to “issue” some
by making up 10 copies and giving them to my friends
then, two years later...after changing the name because Canadians stole it
remastered the thing & vaguely attempted to sell it

five years later,
I’d done a handful of new ones during my last overdubbing bout,
and revised it for cdr - dropping the 45 minutes of “channel o”
and the two 1990 pieces that I felt didn’t really fit

replacing them with two rejigged 1991 things
 and the best of my 1997 ones...
and this is the final form

A strange thing,
no “solos” & two odd “parodies”
that no one but me hears as such & well...
when one band member thinks something sounds like
duran duran...and another says big black,
there’s obviously something
odd at work

many lyrical, some driving,
some monstrously grating - but all very evocative
like soundtracks to films
yet to be made

grubbage: pie-eyed & mulish
(1995 shy tone cassette): 7 tracks

grubbage: pie-eyed & mulish
(2000 shy tone cdr): 8 tracks, remastered w/extra track

easy as pie,

this  stuff  was:
I was helping Greg work up
a 4-track recording for a compilation
and afterwards, we just played & recorded it

no overdubbing

Bettina came home & joined in - it went so well
that we did it again soon after - and everything
is now out except for one where
the tape played up

informal, but also
very intense...interestingly
and probably the most “New Zealand”-like
of the shy tone material currently available...and,
no the most powerful amp used was 3 watts
and it was the easiest production job I’ve
ever done.

Greg & Bettina
joined the invisible empire
soon after

the invisible empire: blondes chew more gum
(1995 shy tone cassette): 8 tracks

the lost domain: blondes chew more gum
(2007 digitalis forthcoming 2CD set): 14 tracks

reissue as yet, partly
because the original was planned as a vinyl release
- abandoned due to lack of money - and partly because
the projected reissue is now a double lp, taking in material
from 1995-7 with the same lineups.

digitalis has this scheduled for a 2CD set in 2007,
by the way, but - we're STILL hoping for
a double vinyl set somewhere
 down the track...

our most “popular” release in its original form -
& most people’s favourite (w/the next), of the shy tone cassettes.

drummers & three string players
doing semi-structured rock’n’roll that was often surprisingly restrained
- but always insisted on going where “it” wanted...

this was when the group first really became its own thing
- and demanded its head...since then, we’ve been giving way to it,
more & more...

the dead set

(1995 shy tone twin cassette, w/a 70 page booklet completed in 1997):
46 tracks total, over a third by us...

reissue yet
- although Revenant have expressed tentative interest -
but it’ll, probably, end up coming out as 4cds & a book

and the followup’ll be even deeper/broader in scope.

A “celebration of the hundred years of rock’n’roll,
prior to the british invasion”

it was part serious music theory, part revisionist music history
designed to put certain archaic hillbilly, pre-blues, and blues styles
into their rightful place - and part pisstake

wherein: I (JHC) made up stories about us

our friends to suggest that most everybody was ridiculously old

- well over four hundred, in one case - and had lived bizarre lives...
all ending up in Brisbane, Australia

still playing.

one tape was old 78s & field recordings
aggressively remastered
- as I refused to sacrifice impact to get rid of surface noise -

and the other was almost all us, in varied lineups,
tapping into what Curt Sach’s called
“the wellsprings of music”

Probably the one I’m most proud of....
partly as it was purely my baby and, although I’ve learned/listened
to a hell of a lot more since then, there’s nothing I really need
to change about what I then wrote....

niell armstrong experience: now wait for last year
(1995 shy tone tape): 3 tracks

niell armstrong experience: now wait for last year
(2000 shy tone cdr): 3 tracks, straight reissue

niell is something of a spirit invoked
when Greg Hilleard & Andrew Carr are in the vicinity
of electrical equipment

preferably old & malfunctioning
and lots of it - sometimes other people
get caught up in it - sometimes they do it on regular
instruments...and sometimes people throw bottles
and the police come

think huge walls of the stuff of space
sometimes frying in the sun
or buried deep in a dripping cellar
1988 & 1992 recordings
no overdubbing

tripod: brainwired/braned brain
(1996 shy tone cassette)

no reissue because tripod
even tripod broken up - can’t agree on anything
amount of time spent chewing over this stuff
was ridiculous - and, as I just said
tripod can’t agree on anything

they’ll probably do you a copy though
if’n you ask nicely

two poor boys: no farming in liquorland
(1996 shy tone cassette): 6 tracks

another mistake
it started as a holiday from tripod, and
from Greg’s solo album - which never came out
because sometimes Greg can’t agree w/himself

I (JHC) trawled back through tapes that Simon & I
had made as a duo & hadn’t got used anywhere else
pulled it together over a week or so...very fast for me
but, Simon wasn’t keen - even though he’d liked the
stuff when we did it, a lot.

I wanted
another release & I prevailed
but he was right - it doesn’t hang together

the best track, our monstrously drunk
deconstruction of Link Wray’s “Rumble”
will appear on the followup to the dead set
but there will be no reissue in total

tom & greg
(1997 shy tone cassette)

more of an “associated” release
since it didn’t wasn’t packaged by JHC -
all I did was tweak the sound somewhat,
and make up a bunch of copies.

like tripod, you can probably get one from them
if’n you ask nicely

the north will rise again
(1997 shy tone cassette): 20 track sampler

nothing that wasn’t elsewhere

the big idea was...instead of mailing off
labouriously packaged & expensive to mail things
I’d do a sampler, make them in bulk & really try,
for a change, to get some o/s interest...but,
I got depressed

a handful of copies exist

the lost domain: the empire never ended...

(1999 shy tone cdr): 12 tracks.


our first cd, so we made it as long as possible - a mistake....
current planning is to cull the centre - rock’n’roll - section,
and build a new album around it,
adding material from the following year

On the other hand, it’s all strong & well-recorded,
and features our first real ventures into work w/organ & horns.

We no longer had three drummers - but we had Jeffrey Wegener
(ex-Laughing Clowns)

plus Eugene Carchesio (ex-Holy Ghosts) on organ & sax we certainly weren’t repining...

the first lost domain release to be transfigured by gentler approaches,
and still available in its original form. least one other further album - and, possibly two
are planned (to add to the releases stemming from this period)
...until Monsieur Jeffrey left....

alain-fournier’s dream
(2002 shy tone cdr): 1 track.

Currently deleted,
as it is on the rhizome cdr below..
our first “single”...46 minutes long

recorded in late 2001

the lost domain: from son to sun...
shy tone cdr): 4 tracks.

our “accidental covers” album, with strange/long versions
of Sun Ra, the Velvet Underground, Randy Newman, and Lee Perry,
also the sole release to include what one future band member called
“digital jiggery/pokery” in a few places
(courtesy Greg aka Papa Lord God).

we’d long found that songs just surfaced, and that they were,
usually the fresher/stranger for not being premeditated.

after several such, in a short period, we decided to put together these
- and also made use of various hunks of recorded speech & such -
to helping tie this weird beast together...

the title refers to Son House & Sun Ra...
shorthand for our wanderings into new terrains.

Malcolm Mooney for President
(2002 shy tone cdr): 1 track.

Our second “single” - and also deleted, for the same reason.

the lost domain: something is...
(2003 rhizome cdr): 2 tracks.

the lost domain: something is...
(2006 shy tone cdr): 2 tracks.

the reissue of the above two - deleted - “singles”
...and, our first release to get any o/s exposure.

the first is quiet & expansively minimal, the second
a full-on piece existing somewhere
between psychedelia & jazz

the rhizome issue is out of print, but
you can now get this again
 from shy tone

the lost domain: and yet the sea is not full
(2003 shy tone cdr): 1 track

our fully-fledged dreamscape album

a night's sleep - both deep sleeps & dreamings
compressed into 45 minutes - w/a rude awakening
amidst a nightmare of modernity

compiled from six separate improvisations
made in late 2001/early 2002

the lost domain: sailor, home from the sea
(2004 broken face/digitalis
cd): 6 tracks.

  the first international release:
bookended free takes on John Lee Hooker's"the waterfront"
surround a weird (yet apt) set of
short instrumental pieces

all recorded in 2004

the lost domain: palace
pseudo arcana cd): 5 tracks

our drummerless long-tone

  explorational set, recorded late 2003
in a derelict ballroom

bowed space, you might say
yet, still, clearly, blues
of sorts

John Henry Calvinist: King Solomon Hill
(2006 foxglove cdr):  7 tracks

sparser & (definitely) stranger
than the first, it's structured by insanity

depression engulfing, mania erupting/then dispersing
as peace, belatedly/welcomingly
breaks out

mostly recorded at the turn of the millennium,
two are recent

the lost domain: white man at the door
(2006 digitalis cd):  6 tracks

our acoustic trio "pre-blues" set
recorded in 2002

Simon's finest vocal performances, to date

a strange glimpse of our roots in the
hybrid vernacular musics of the nineteenth century

the lost domain: lie still, sleep becalmed
(2010 cook an egg cd): 2 tracks

a sort of "cure" for insomna

recorded 2004-2006

or, at least, an attempt to make it more bearable?

also something of a companion piece/precursor to
"and yet the sea is not full"

albeit less strange & dreamy,
more still and restful
in ways

the lost domain: wayouthere
(2006 digitalis cd): 10 tracks

a truly extreme set

recorded 2001-2005

from lyrical minimalism & grubby free improv
to electroblurt & radio, a dub take on St. James Infirmary,
strange jazz stylings, a one-note dance classic,
death funk & velvets demolition

something of a day in the life, too
that is, if you have a mood disorder

lotsa fun

as well,

there's a seriously full-on set
recorded w/Antony Milton in late 2005, which
should see the light of day soon

not to mention
several other finished albums we've yet
to find homes for

(interested labels please apply)

the lost domain compilation contributions

There was a track taken from “an unnatural act”

on a tape issued in Perth in 1991 - but no-one here has a copy,

so its name will have to remain a mystery. Apart from that,
the rest’re all here:

“Walking Blues”
Burning the Sun (1992 Malignant cassette)

“Toupee Blues”
Fuck the White Race (1993 Malignant cd)

“Country Blues” (a Dock Boggs cover)
Spill Compillation 2 (1993 Spill cd)

“(I Walk a) Lonely Avenue”
Spill Compillation 3 (1995 Spill cd)

“a friend of my brother’s wife”
Get to Know Your Oven (1997 From the Same Mother lathe-cut lp)

“Last Go Round”
Cybernana (1997 4ZZZ/Oracle 2cd)

all are long sold-out/deleted.

“Walking Blues” and “Country Blues” resurfaced on “the dead set”.
“Toupee Blues” was taken from “jeezly fishcakes”
& will resurface on the sequel to “the dead set”

and, finally “(I Walk a) Lonely Avenue”, “Last Go Round” +
“a friend of my brother’s wife” will be on the expanded version
of “blondes chew more gum”

and, that’s the lot

except for “water falling” in  Dream Magazine 5  from palace (pseudo arcana)
"death dances" on Gold Leaf Branches (digitalis) from
wayouthere (digitalis)

"dry bones (in the valley)" on
Wailing Bones Vol 5 (foxglove)


note: all shy tone cassetes
(except the sampler)
came in video cases, w/accompanying booklets
- usually about 16 pages - the dead set was different, of course...

all cassettes are now deleted
albeit cdrs of most are available

or all further shy tone information
please contact


to contact the lost domain directly
please email  thelostdomain@gmail.

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