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shy tone
...the lost domain...

downloadable tracks

the 1990s material

      the lost domain: regret                                                   
   : wall in the window
...both from an unnatural act (foxglove 2006)

john henry calvinist: hospital                                                             
broken on the wheel...both from shackles first to fit (shy tone)

niell armstrong experience: down in the hole (excerpt)
...from now wait for last year (shy tone)

the lost domain: memorium (three days)
                                       two poor boys: casey jones...both from the dead set (shy tone)      
           (still bereft of a label w/the resources to reissue it...and, vol. two is already on the way)
                    grubbage: chicken wire...from pie-eyed & mulish (shy tone)

the lost domain: the new south                              
               : requiem for the slow drag
...from blondes chew more gum
(forthcoming in a 2CD expanded version on digitalis in 2007)

        the lost domain: sun zoom stomp                   
                                                        : stack o'lee                                                    
            : prayer of death
                                        ...all from
the empire never ended (shy tone)
the new millennium's material

              the lost domain: guilty...from from son to sun... (shy tone)                      
                                           : alain-fournier's dream (excerpt)...from something is... (shy tone) 
                       : and yet the sea is not full (excerpt)  (shy tone)                 

                            : at sea, the storm...from sailor, home from the sea (digitalis 2004)                 
five...from palace (pseudo arcana 2006)                                                      
pearline...from white man at the door (digitalis 2006)                                                  

: death funk...from wayouthere (forthcoming on a digitalis cd in 2007)                 
: lie still, sleep becalmed (excerpt)...(cook an egg cdr 2010)

       john henry calvinist: in the rigging...from king solomon hill        
(foxglove cdr 2006)


       the lost domain:
2nd mystery...from the mystery of the lost domain
(cook an egg cdr 200

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