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...shy tone...

the shy tone label
was established in 1994
with operating capital of approximately nothing

its purpose
was to issue/reissue
local [Brisbane, Australia] musics
of high quality which had effectively
no distribution

until very recently
the same could genuinely be said
of shy tone itself


a series of historical releases
was planned...taking in key/little-known US vernacular musical recordings
from the well as selected forgotten classics
and exceptional "bootlegs" of the last few decades

several of which are now - finally - available
w/handpainted covers
by John Henry Calvinist

you'll find links to
all available releases/forthcoming material
shy tone-related issues on other labels

as well as
interviews w/ label lynchpin band
the lost domain

several downloadable cuts

a complete
discography/history of
lost domain & shy tone releases

or all further shy tone information
please contact

    available releases  the lost domain  discography/history